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Cady Bag Company, LLC was established in 1957 as Cady-Webb Bag Company by William H. “Harry” Cady, Sr., Nell G. Cady, and Earl G. Webb brother-in-law. Earl put in 5,000.00 and a two-ton truck and they got a 10,000.00 SBA Loan to start making cotton and paper mesh bags for the roadside citrus stands in Florida. Cady-Webb Bag Company was started with six employees.

In 1967, Earl was bought out and the name was changed to Cady Bag Company and was incorporated. About the same time, the company got a contract to make sand bags for the Vietnam War ( 65 million in 5 years). Sand bags were first made with osenburg material (treated cotton) and treated burlap. In 1969 Amoco Fabrics opened a plant 30 miles away in Nashville, Georgia to make polypropylene. Cady was first to successfully put a pre-printed label in a polypropylene mesh bag. That sealed a long and fruitful relationship with Amoco Fabrics. As Amoco grew, Cady grew because as Amoco made new products out of polypropylene they used Cady to fabricate it and get it to the marketplace.

In 1982 the Cady children, with a brother-in-law and an experienced, dedicated staff took over the operation of the company. In 1984 Cady was one of the first to invest (2 million dollars) in circular weaving. Circular weaving allowed Cady to start from the resin and take it to the finished product. In 1990 Amoco withdrew from the leno market and helped Cady put flat looms, making Cady vertically integrated in 90 percent of their products. In 1993 the three active children in the business, with a brother-in-law and an investment group took over the company and it became known as the Cady Group. By 1998 Cady had grown from 23 million in sales to 48 million, from 125 employees to over 600, and became known as Cady Industries.

In 1998 The Cady Group sold to another group of investors with intentions to grow the company even further and the last of the Cady family members left the business.

In September of 2006 William H. Cady, Jr. and a founding partner with the first acquisition, along with Alonza Cady bought the assets of the company and changed the name back to Cady Bag Company, LLC.

The Cady Family is dedicated to the reestablishment of this once great company and is working towards this goal by being the only vertically integrated leno goods provider in the United States today. We are also renovating equipment, approaching new markets, and developing relationships with our off-shore providers to make us competitive in this fast-growing economy. We will do all that is necessary to service our customers with a quality product in a timely manner.

Our goal is for all the Cady children, with some of our dedicated employees, to own and operate Cady Bag Company. With the third generation starting to come on, we hope to be around for another 50 years.


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